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Featured Evening MBA Student Business: 3 Scoops Cafe in Brighton, MA

By  | February 1, 2013

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Name Of Business:
3 Scoops Cafe

Mission/Description:Ice Cream 3 Scoops3 Scoops has more than 200 flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and non dairy frozen treats that change weekly. Our products are made from freshest ingredients from local farmers.

Dessert for All

Name and Contact Information:
Rayna Verbeck, Evening MBA student; 617-987-0999 (store); rayna@kitchntable.com

403 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135

Founder’s Past Life/Business:
I moved to the East Coast from Oregon to be a member of Teach of America in the South Bronx. Several years later, I was recruited to teach in a Turnaround school in Boston. While I was teaching, I worked at food events and cafes on the side looking for an opportunity to open my own space.

How The Idea Began:
I have my two year anniversary with 3 Scoops in February. It was an existing business looking for a change that coincided with my search for a new direction.


Favorite Thing About The Business:
The customers! We have a group of regulars who share their lives, families and celebrations with us. With our new vegan line from chef Wheeler del Torro, we also have the opportunity to meet guests who had all but given up on finding a quality nondairy dessert. It wonderful to see the moment when they realize they can get a big bowl of vegan chocolate ice cream!

Worst Thing About The Business:
Sprinkles! They are delicious, but its nearly impossible not to make a mess when sprinkles are involved.

Help 3 Scoops achieve their goal of nourishing the Brighton community with healthy food by making a pledge at theirKickstarter page.



3 Scoops is on Kickstarter!

Want healthy food in Brighton? What about a place to spend time with friends with great food options, free wi fi, and indulgent desserts that is open after 7 pm?

We do too!

Help us make these ideas a reality by visiting 3 Scoops project on Kickstarter at http://kck.st/V5IxDh. There are many ways to help: share this post, tweet out the link, share it on Facebook or show your support with a pledge. We appreciate your help bringing healthy food and an expanded location to our Brighton community!

3 Scoops Kickstarter Video

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Christmas pudding ice cream is a unique treat to make with friends or serve at a holiday party. Add paper crowns for a proper British affair (fun UK poppers with small toys, goodies and crowns inside can be found here from the English Tea Store).

christmas pudding with custard

Christmas Pudding from Essentially England


According to the BBC and traditional British chefs, we are already a bit late to make a real British Christmas pudding. It takes many ingredients and months of adding branding, letting it seep, adding more brandy… and repeat. If you would like to get a head start on next year’s holiday, a great recipe can be found here in the BBC’s food section. Or there is a low fat recipe here from Essentially England.

If you would like a more immediate experience of a Christmas pudding, as it as an ice cream mix in! (Our ice creams in the store don’t generally have eggs – this one is to make at home!)

From: IceCreamRecipes.com

4 egg yolks
1/2 pint milk
1/2 pint double/heavy cream
4 oz sugar or caster sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
8 oz Christmas Pudding (cooled and crumbled)

Scald the milk (bring slowly up to boiling point in a saucepan).

Separately, mix together the egg yolks and sugar until thick. Pour into this the hot milk, whilst continuously stirring. Then pour the mixture back into the pan and heat gently, stirring until the custard thickens – do not boil to avoid curdling. When you can see a film form over the back of your spoon it’s time to remove the saucepan from the heat. Leave to cool.

When the custard base is cold, stir in the cream and vanilla extract, add the crumbled Christmas Pudding and then transfer the whole mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


3 Scoops launches a new menu!

3 Scoops is expanding our ice cream shop into a full service cafe with a new menu with healthy options designed by Chef Wheeler del Torro. The new menu will launch at a soft-opening on Tuesday, January 8th at 8 pm. Join us to for free food from the new menu!

3 Scoops Boston salad

For the café, Wheeler has set out to create quick-serve and grab-and-go salads, smoothies and sandwiches at a comfortable price point  to encourage our neighbors in Allston-Brighton and Boston to stop in for a heathy snack or treat to enjoy on the go or at the cafe.

3 Scoops will be adding the new food options to our current offerings of decadent and healthy frozen desserts, including frozen drinks, premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, and vegan ice cream.

Wheeler del Torro’s book The Vegan Scoop now available at 3Scoops

3 Scoops is excited to offer Wheeler del Torro’s book, The Vegan Scoop! 3 Scoops currently serves many of his non-dairy ice cream flavors. We have even convinced him to autograph a few copies.

We also recently caught word that Wheeler is releasing new summer flavors blended with hemp milk!

About the Book: 

The Vegan Scoop brings the pleasures of the ice cream parlor into your home with 150 recipes for delicious frozen desserts that are so rich and creamy, they’re better than the “real” thing—and contain one-third the calories! These “faux” creams feature 100 percent vegan-certified ingredients, making them suitable for both vegans and those with lactose intolerance and other dairy aversions. And with each serving containing approximately 80 calories—nearly 100 calories fewer than a serving of traditional ice cream—you can indulge with peace of mind (and keep your trim waistline!).

Chapters are devoted to innovative flavor “inspirations,” and cover everything from Caribbean & Island Flavors to Healthy Flavors and Aphrodisiacal Flavors. You’ll also find two chapters full of recipes for toppings, sauces, sides, and other dessert accompaniments.

Go green!

We love the environment too, but today we mean the Celtics! 3Scoops ran a ticket contest this week for a pair of tickets to see the Celtics win a close game over the Hawks. Keep an eye on our Facebook … Continue reading